Website Modules

All of our websites have an incredible range of capabilities available to them.

Here are just some of the modules that we can add to your website design, each bringing a degree of functionality to your website that other providers often charge extra for.


Collaborative Communications

The ProjectM Blog suite is the ultimate publishing tool for your website

With a focus on simplicity, ease of extensibility, web standards and usability. It includes a great suite of modules for blogging on your site..

Go Social

The ProjectM blog suite features social bookmarks, Ajax, gravatars, email notification, tag cloud and other great web 2.0 features. Easy to share with Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest etc. Additionally,  the blog supports multiple authors to write posts on the same blog. Visitors can subscribe to the individual author's RSS feed or view only the posts from their favourite author.

On the technical front, the blog supports an extended version of the Blogger API & MetaWeblog API. You can use easily to manage your posts with client programs like Windows Live Writer (WLW).


Take the Survey

The ProjectM Website survey asks a series of questions that will guide you through the general design issues that you may wish to resolve in order to clarify what you really need for your site.

To complete the survey, you need to register or log on so that we can send you the survey  results.