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The Project Management game that trains Project Managers and Project Teams in the successful application of Project Management skills. PRINCEOPOLY is a board game with products, risks and issues, and success is determined on the roll of a dice.
Under tight deadlines participants are challenged to build the city of PRINCEOPOLIS, using their Project Management skills as effectively as they can.

There are several roles: the Project Executive, the Mayor of PRINCEOPOLIS, and Project Managers for industry, infrastructure, environment and security, supplies, and residential areas.

Suitable for: 

PRINCEOPOLY can be played by any current or future Project Management Professional.
PRINCEOPOLY is of particular interest to project teams that want to improve their management skills and effectiveness as a team.
A certain degree of knowledge of PRINCE2® is recommended but not required.


What’s good about the Service? : 

The game teaches how to manage the Project in an effective way, in both the planning and implementation phases, by using PRINCE2® Processes, Components and Techniques.
The new city of PRINCEOPOLIS must be habitable; people live, work and play there. Investments must be recouped according to the business plan, while all kinds of complex issues and concerns, hidden agendas and pitfalls are dealt with. Objectives can only be attained if participants work as a team. Under the guidance of experienced game leaders, players learn to set up and execute a project. During the game, participants continuously receive feedback on their roles and responsibilities within the Project, and on how decisions are taken. It will become clear that cooperation between Project members is of crucial importance for the progress of the Project.

What you get

This 365 day a year service provides you with close technical support for all your online needs, whether its the administration of your exchange mail management, hosted servers, website and domain management or any of a wide range of technical support for your online strategy.

These services include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Exchange and POP3 mail management for all staff
  • Communication issues; local and remote team members.
  • How to manage your Project board.
  • Risk & Issues management
  • Financial management
  • Project Control
  • Documentation; practical usage.

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Enjoy the benefits

Student Benefits

  • Focussed practical project management
  • Deeper understanding of PM processes
  • Learn the value of communications - documentation.
  • Learn to evaluate Project Risks and Issues.

Management Benefits

  • Identify leadership potential
  • Understand the strengths and training opportunities of your team
  • Get a detailed student report on the Princeopoly workshop
  • Configure the day to reflect your working practices


To learn more, take a look at our PRINCEOPOLY website.